COVID-19 & Club Operations

The ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic is changing every aspect of life as we know it, and our normal club operations are no exception. We will be updating this page when restrictions change with the simple "traffic light" table the summarised version of what we are/aren't allowed to do currently.

We are a registered NSW COVID-Safe Organisation and have completed COVID-Safe action plans for both Community Sporting Organisations and Swimming Pool Use.

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Update 10/01/2021 - Season Recommencement

  • With the North Northern Beaches rejoining Greater Sydney on Sunday 10th January, and the stay at home orders being removed, we are clear to re-start our season on Thursday 14th/Saturday 16th January, with a few changes:

    • All swimmers & non-swimmers must check-in via our Service NSW QR Code, and this will be checked at sign-on. Please ensure you bring your phone & have the Service NSW App installed

    • The BBQ will revert to the take-away only model we used during November 2020, with sales happening prior to swimming.

      • If a raffle is being held that will be drawn immediately after swimming at the bottom of the eastern stairs

      • Members must enter the BBQ queue via the western stairs, and once food is collected exit via the eastern stairs.

    • We are exempt from the mandatory mask laws, however as we previously stated if members feel more comfortable wearing a mask then please do so. Any indoor time at sign-on will be very limited and social distancing will be in place and monitored.

    • For the time being we are strictly EFTPOS only; cash will not be accepted

The following measures from our COVID Safe plans are in place:

  • Entry to the clubhouse is only via the western stairs (closest to the carpark) and exit only via the eastern stairs.

    • Temperature checks on arrival & you must use hand sanitiser (provided by the club)

    • No sunscreen will be provided - please apply your own before coming to swimming & bring to re-apply

    • No water bottles will be provided - please bring your own (may be refilled in the clubhouse)

    • We have a capacity limit inside the clubhouse (in line with the 4m2 rule)

    • All members & guests will need to sign in via the Service NSW QR Code - Please ensure you bring your phone & have the Service NSW App installed

  • Physical distancing must be adhered to around the pool. We are asking members to self-regulate this, but an example of how this looks is:

    • Minimal people on concrete at starting blocks (timekeepers, swimmers and handicappers only)

    • First two blocks of boardwalk reserved for the starter(s), handicappers & judges (if required)

    • Everyone else – spread along boardwalk and on rockpools/sand (if tide permits)

Please do not come to swimming if:

    • You have any cold/flu-like symptoms

    • You or a member of your household are awaiting the result of a COVID-19 Test

    • You visited any of the venues listed under "Self Isolate & Get Tested Immediately" on the NSW Health website in the designated time periods -

    • You are defined as a "vulnerable person" or simply feel uncomfortable to attend due to the pandemic

    • If you or another member of your household return a positive COVID-19 test and you have been to in attendance at NASC in the last 14 days you must notify the club as soon as manageable

NASC Encourages:

    • Downloading the COVIDSafe App

    • Getting changed at home (wear swimmers to and from swimming)

    • Showering at home after swimming

    • Contactless payment for memberships (bank deposit or credit/debit cards)

    • Completing your Membership form prior to coming to swimming (available online)

    • The NSW Government also recommends the wearing of face coverings where physical distancing cannot be adhered to. We will do our utmost to ensure we can adhere to physical distancing, however if you would be more comfortable wearing a face covering please do so.

  • The committee will take it in turns to be the COVID Marshall on the day to ensure all measures are adhered to - please listen to the designated COVID Marshall on the day and obey all instructions

COVID-19 vs Salt Water - is it safe?

Currently there is no evidence to suggest if the Coronavirus transmits through salt water, however due to the sheer volume of North Narrabeen Rockpool & the twice-daily tidal flush-out it receives the chances of transmission in the pool is extremely slim.

Dr. Charles Gerba, Professor of Environmental Virology at the University of Arizona, says Coronavirus tends "to be more transmitted in aerosol, droplets, contaminated surfaces and not water". However, he states that in potentially polluted water the risk is higher, due to conjecture around whether the virus is transmittable through faecal mater. Therefore, after heavy rains we will be more cautious around running our events due to the run-off exiting the lake, should the lake be open. If new research on this matter becomes available then the committee will review.

Prior/Outdated Updates

Update 28/12/2020 - Northern Beaches Public Health Order

SUPERSEDED by Update 10/01/2021 - Season Recommencement

  • In line with the current Public Health Order for the Northern Beaches we will be pausing our season, with a resumption not until at least Thursday 14th January/Saturday 16th January (depending on the restrictions update on the 9th January).

  • During this time we encourage all our members to restrict their movement and comply with all NSW Government requirements.

  • After the restrictions announcement, currently scheduled for the 9th January, we will decide on how our season proceeds.

Update 17/12/2020 - Northern Beaches COVID Outbreak

SUPERSEDED by Update 28/12/2020 - Northern Beaches Public Health Order

  • The committee and I have discussed this and are obviously concerned. As we have a duty-of-care to all our members we are making the following changes to the coming weeks:

  • Swimming on Saturday 19th December is cancelled due to the 3-day stay-at-home request. This therefore means the Christmas Party is cancelled

  • The Christmas Raffle will now be drawn in January (date TBA), and I encourage everyone to continue to bring in donations until the draw

    • This could potentially be drawn at our long overdue Presentation Day, which will most likely be a short-sharp event after swimming. Details to come at a later date

    • Due to Boxing Day falling on a Saturday, there will now be a Social Swim only on this day. There will be no organised races or BBQ, but please feel free to turn up to the pool at 9am like usual and have a swim with any other members that are there. I want to emphasise; this is not a COVID outbreak related decision, this is purely due to Boxing Day being on a Saturday.

  • Thursday Night Swim will commence as planned on 7th January at 6pm at this stage.

  • After Boxing Day we should definitely be in a better position to know the effects of these new cases. We're hoping it will be business-as-usual however if we need to make any changes to our processes we will communicate accordingly.

Update 1/12/2020 - BBQ, Raffle, Announcements & Thursday Night Swim

SUPERSEDED by Update 28/12/2020 - Northern Beaches Public Health Order

  • As of the 1st December the NSW Government has eased indoor density restrictions. As such, as of the 5th December the following will change at NASC:

    • The Clubhouse will move to a 1 person per 2m2, therefore capacity will double to 46 people

    • We will open the clubhouse for BBQ eating after swimming. We will ensure most windows will be open if weather allows, to increase air flow.

      • If you do not feel comfortable sitting inside you are more than welcome to continue to take-away and/or sit outside

    • Daily results will be read and announcements made inside the clubhouse whilst eating, as we have done in previous seasons

    • Raffles will continue to be drawn immediately after swimming outside the clubhouse, to allow those who cannot/do not want to come inside after swimming to take part

    • BBQ sales & Raffle Ticket purchases will continue to be prior to swimming

  • Thursday Night Swim will commence on Thursday 7th January 2021 as scheduled, and BYO dinner may be brought and eaten inside the clubhouse. Thursday Night Swim will be run as per our COVID Safe plans

Update 22/10/2020 - BBQ

SUPERSEDED by Update 28/12/2020 - Northern Beaches Public Health Order

  • As the NSW Government has further eased restrictions due to the low community spread of COVID-19 our Fundraising BBQ will be restarting as of Saturday 31/10/2020. It will follow a takeaway only model initially (updated as of 1st December). If you do not feel comfortable purchasing from our BBQ then you are more than welcome to leave immediately after swimming finishes.

    • BBQ items will need to be paid for prior to swimming commencing for the morning

      • Contactless payments (card) are highly encouraged - our COVID Safe plan restricts us from taking cash payments

      • If there is a raffle on the day you may also purchase raffle tickets at the same time, and the raffle will be drawn immediately after swimming but prior to the BBQ being served

    • Physically distant queueing will take place inside the clubhouse

      • Please follow the NSW Government directions on physical distancing

    • The BBQ servers will provide your bread & sauce

    • BBQ cooks and servers will be required to sanitise their hands prior and during cooking/serving and follow all hygiene protocols.

Update 10/12/2020 - Christmas Party

SUPERSEDED by Update 17/12/2020 - Northern Beaches COVID Outbreak

  • The annual Christmas Party will go ahead on the 19th December

    • Everyone must hand sanitise on entry to the clubhouse for the party, and there will be a COVID marshal ensuring this happens.

    • We're encouraging everyone to think about the "shareability" of the plate of food you bring along - can someone take something off the plate without touching the rest of the food?

      • EG: A large bowl of chips is not suitable this year, however if you pre-portion the chips into small paper cups then they are.

    • Each person must have had their temperature checked for the morning, so for people who arrive late their temperature will be taken upon entry to the clubhouse after swimming

    • Each person will be given a paper plate, you must take some food and then move away from the table. If we reach capacity inside the clubhouse then people will be asked to move outside.

    • The table will be against the southern wall this year (as opposed to in the centre of the room in previous years)

    • The Christmas Raffle will be drawn inside during the party

Update 19/11/2020 - South Australia & Victoria

  • The NSW Government has issued advise on the South Australian outbreak & the Victorian border closure

    • S.A. - As of 13 December 2020 this update is no longer relevant. If you or another member of your household has been in one of the listed Areas of Concern in South Australia in the last 14 days please do not come to swimming until you or your household member has completed the mandatory 14 days self-isolation & tested negative to COVID-19

    • VIC. - The NSW-Vic Border re-opened on 23rd November. If you travel from Victoria to NSW after the 23rd November then no isolation is necessary.