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Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club was founded in 1961 and is located in the tidal rock pool at North Narrabeen Beach. The club welcomes all levels and ages of swimmers; from learn to swim, junior members and senior members.

We are a fun, family friendly club and have a very social, welcoming membership base. Each Saturday after swimming we hold a social fundraising BBQ in our clubhouse.

All races have a handicapped start; with the slowest swimmer starting first. The aim of this system is that all swimmers finish each race around the same time, irrespective of swimming ability, and therefore every swimmer has a fair chance of winning a race!

Everyone who swims is awarded one point per race towards the season point score and extra points are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. At the end of the season Junior & Senior Club Champions are awarded based on 1st place in the total point score.

Competition is held on a Saturday morning at 9:00am with swimmers competing in the following swimming events:

  • 200m freestyle

  • 100m freestyle

  • 50m freestyle

  • 15m, 25m & 33m freestyle (dependent on participants)

  • plus one speciality stroke that alternates each week between breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and medley.

We welcome swimmers of all ages and abilities. Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club aims for everyone to improve their individual times during the year!

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Our committee (2020-21)

The elected office bearers of Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club for 2020-21 consists of the following committee members.


Brody O'Mara


Linda Dowbiggin


Mike Bastick


Ron Doman


James Brocklebank

Chief Judge

Ross Barry

Chief Timekeeper

Michael O'Mara

Junior and Senior Handicapper

Michael Crain (Senior)

Sherry Martin (Junior)

Publicity Officer

Mike Bastick

Social Coordinator

Edwena Pederson

Social Media Coordinator

Jackson Dowling

First Aid Officer

Lea Davidson

Swim Instructor

Margot Best

Property Officer

Lea Davidson

BBQ Coodinator

Mike Bastick

Race Starter

Michael O'Mara

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