Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club

9am Saturday Morning - October to Easter 

Welcome to Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club; the fun, family-friendly swimming club! We cater for all swimming abilities through handicapped (staggered start) races and varying race lengths from 15m to 200m.

We're not a serious swim club; we don't do "swim meets" with other clubs and don't enforce all the overly-strict swimming rules. We're more interested in everyone coming down to have a swim, catch up for a chat, have some friendly competition and have fun! If this sounds like something you'd be interested in come and have a go; we offer two free swims before having to join the club! Parents & Kids - why not continue your Saturday morning sport after your winter sport finishes! 

We swim every Saturday morning from October to Easter at North Narrabeen Rockpool, commencing at 9:00am and finishing at approximately 11:00am-11:30am, and host a fundraising BBQ in our clubhouse after the races.

In January and February we also hold a 400m nominated time event at 6:00pm on Thursday nights. 

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