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Registrations for the 2020-21 Season are now open. Please click here to register!

Due to COVID-19 we are encouraging all members to pay their membership fees payments via contactless means. Therefore, from September 2020 we will be accepting credit & debit card which will attract a 1.95% surcharge (in person only, not over our website). We also accept membership payment via direct deposit or cash (cheques will no longer be accepted from September 2020). Please choose your payment option in the E-Registration form for further details.


To determine which membership fee is applicable, please see the below definitions.

Junior Membership/Learn to Swim: $45

Senior Membership: $65

Family Membership: $125

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Membership of Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club is open to the following different amateur levels of swimming.

Junior Membership

Junior Membership is open to those who are under the age of sixteen years during the swimming season.

The age of a junior member is determined by the age they turn in the new year of the swimming season. For example, in the 2016-17 season, a member who turns 12 in 2017 will swim in the 12 year old age group in Club Championship regardless of when in the swimming season they turn 12.

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Senior Membership

Open to those who are sixteen years of age or older in the new year of the swimming season. Juniors may, at the discretion of the committee, compete in the Senior Competition.

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Learn to Swim Membership

Open to all ages of people who complete the registration form and pay the fee nominated by the Committee of the Club, for the Learn to Swim program in the swimming season, conducted by Austswim certified instructors who are Senior Members of the Club.

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Life Membership of the Club

Life Membership may be conferred upon a member who has rendered outstanding service over a period of years. Before Life Membership is conferred, a recommendation shall be made by a majority of the Committee and shall be submitted to the Annual General Meeting of the Club for approval or rejection by a three quarter majority of those present and entitled to vote. No more than one life member shall be appointed in any one year. Life Members shall be exempt from annual subscriptions but subject in every way to the by-laws of the Club.

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